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Constantly challenging ourselves to deliver more to our clients. Our operators are local experts who know the best routes to get you and your family to your destination safe and on time. We rely on GPS technology to further ensure quick, accurate service. TargetCrete.com operators are some of the industry’s finest, undergoing extensive background checks and regular training to keep up with the latest best practices.


Welcome to GPTransfers.com (CHQ) Chania Airport Shuttle bus Transfers

TargetCrete.com is a Chania Airport Shuttle Bus Business.

We have noticed that customers can be confused about the transfer prices they are charged. There are often extra charges for luggage and several passengers, for public holidays and waiting times. If people could be sure of their travel prices they could include them in their budget before they left home, satisfied that there would be no increase.

Like all people, We’d rather travel in less traffic, when the roads are not so busy and our Chania airport shuttle bus business has been designed with this in mind. In these difficult economic times it is important to offer discount travel and we have thought long and hard as to how we can bring a courteous, professional, reliable transfer service to you at a discounted price.

Our Chania airport Shuttle Bus service has same prices of travel for ‘Peak’ and ‘Off Peak’ times. In this way we can pass onto the customer savings made by not sitting in endless traffic queues!

We believe it is possible to offer a professional service in which the customer will know in advance the price of their transfer run from Chania airport and this will include discounts for travelling at ‘Off Peak’ times. As well as this, our Chania airport shuttle bus sevice also offers extremely competitive prices on its ‘Peak’ time journeys.

Often transfer sites can look very formal and corporate. This Chania airport shuttle bus service is about being available for any queries at any time….you can talk to us any time. It is our aim to be available to you by phone or email…Just contact us and we will do my very best to help. Any journey, any time.

Remember, in our team we are extremely experienced drivers, we have our driver licences, our vehicle licences, we are fully insured. Do NOT get into a car with anyone less covered. A discount service can still be safe and reliable and accountable!